Niko Han

Niko Han is a Rickson Gracie BJJ Black Belt and founder/head coach of the Synergy Jiu-Jitsu Academy®, an Official Rickson Gracie Team and Certified Academy with Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation.

Niko began to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu on October 28, 1996 at Rickson Gracie’s Academy in Los Angeles, California. He received his blue belt from Rickson Gracie on November 15, 1997. He then continued training at the Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club in Los Angeles, California with Marc Laimon, Ethan Milius and Marcus Vinicius Di Lucia, in December of 1998. He received his purple belt from Marcus Vinicius Di Lucia on June 17, 2000. During this time he started training with friend and ADCC veteran, Eddie Bravo, and soon after, in May 2001 Niko started training in Tarzana, California under BJJ and ADCC world champion Jean Jacques Machado. In October 2000 he started wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts at the R1 Training Center in El Segundo, California under Freestyle wrestling and MMA champion Rico Chiapparelli and Frank Trigg. He then joined the wrestling club of University of California Los Angeles in February 2001. In July 2001 Niko also began teaching the Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes at UCLA, and at the same time took up boxing at the City of Angels Boxing and Bill Slayton’s Broadway Boxing Gym in Los Angeles.

In August of 2002, he finally made the move to Las Vegas, Nevada to train with Marc Laimon and John Lewis’ Nova União academy. There he also continued his boxing and MMA with Skipper Kelp, UNLV’s head boxing coach. In Las Vegas he had the opportunity  to train with many of the top MMA fighters in the world, such as Johny Hendricks, Roy Nelson, Tito Ortiz, Ricco Rodriguez, Phil Baroni, Jeff Glover, Bill Cooper, and many more.  Before finally returning to his home country Indonesia, he made a trip to Brazil to train at the Nova Uniao academy in Rio de Janeiro under Andre Pedeneiras, and also with BJJ and ADCC world champion Léo Vieira, Fernando Augusto and Eduardo Telles at the Master Jiu-Jitsu (TT Team) academies in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2003. Marc Laimon awarded Niko his brown belt on May 20, 2003 in Rio de Janeiro. 

Now that he has permanently returned to Bali, Indonesia to teach the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts in his country, he still keeps his skills updated by returning to train in the United States on a regular basis. Marc Laimon promoted Niko Han to black belt on February 14, 2008.

Since his return back to Indonesia, Niko has established Synergy Jiu-Jitsu Academy®, founded the Indonesian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and the Indonesian Grappling Federation. In 2005, he started organizing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts events throughout the country in order to promote and popularize the sport.

Rickson Gracie awarded Niko his black belt certificate on October 8, 2014.


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Fransino Tirta

Fransino_ Tirta

Fransino Tirta (16-0-1) is currently the undefeated #1 ranked MMA fighter in Indonesia, a BJJ black belt, and is a ONE FC Bantamweight title contender. He started his interest in martial arts by training Taekwondo in junior high school. In college (2001) he started training Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu under his teacher Sensei Harmudianto and started to compete in TPI Fighting Championship. In less than two years he captured the belt for the lightweight divison and absolute division. In June 2004 he started to train free style wrestling under Surya Saputra, Gold Medalist at SEA GAMES in wrestling. It was in September 2004 when he met Niko Han and was amazed by the techniques and skills that Niko’s and his pupils possess. Soon he started to train with them and it was in Niko’s Gym he “perfected” his grappling (ground fighting) skills. His record in MMA is 16-0-1, (5 by TKO’s, 2 by KO’s, 6 by Submissions, and only 3 by Decisions and 1 draw).

He received his BJJ black belt from Niko on July 25, 2013. In March 2006 he got the chance to train with Martin Hartono, Martin is an MMA lover who has trained around the world and currently the student of Roy Harris and Michael Jen. In Martin’s gym he started to train boxing properly with Indonesian Boxing Champion, Sony Rambing. In August 2007 he started training Shansou (Chinese kickboxing) with Indonesian Shansou Champion, Alfred Maweru, at September 2007 he competed in Shansou tournament at PORDA Jakarta 2007and got the gold medal for under 70kg division.

Fransino is also three times in a row champion of Indonesian Submission Championship for under 76kg division, absolute division and The Top Submission Award. On March 16 & 17, 2007 he compete in South East Asia BJJ Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. He got silver medal for blue belt under 73kg division and gold medal at advance no-gi under 73kg division.

As the demand of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts lessons in Jakarta increased, he was sent by his teacher, Niko, to spread the art. He started teaching BJJ and MMA in Western part of Jakarta. Knowing that all this time he had been training with the best, he came up with a motto “If one wants to BE the BEST, one has to train WITH the BEST”. Now, he started to compete in international BJJ and MMA competition, his international MMA commpetition is in Art of War Fighting Championship in China-Beijing. Fransino is the first Indonesian fighter who defeated European fighter, he did it against Andreas Hessleback from Sweden in Battle on Bali at December 27, 2007. Fransino fought in Hong Kong based MMA organization Legend Fighting Championship, and currently is fighting in the Singapore based MMA organization ONE Fighting Championship as a bantamweight title contender.

Fransino Tirta

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Nicolai Holt

Nicolai Holt

Nicolai ‘Geeza’ Holt is a 4-time Pan American Champion, a 2-time European Champion, US National No-gi Masters Champion, and a multiple-time medalist on the Asian BJJ competition circuit. He learned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Indonesia from Niko Han. He started studying BJJ three months before his 40th birthday when he moved to Jakarta. He is currently a brown belt; received from Marc Laimon (who also awarded coach Niko Han his Black Belt). Nicolai is also a black belt in the Gordon Preston fighting system. He enjoys teaching almost as much as competing and teaches both adult and kids classes. Nicolai is a CBJJ certified referee and has attended the CBJJ referee training course twice. Nicolai was promoted to black belt by Roger Gracie on November 28, 2012.

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