Technique 3 – The Darce Choke

By synergymma | In News | on March 1, 2007

The Darce Choke

The Darce Choke is a form of arm-triangle choke (or simply arm-triangle), which is a generic term describing chokeholds in which the opponent is strangled in between his own shoulder and the performers’ triangled arms. This is as opposed to the regular triangle choke, which denotes a chokehold using the legs, albeit with a similar mechanism of strangulation against the opponent’s own shoulder. The Darce Choke is also sometimes referred to as the Brabo Choke.

The main difference between the Darce Choke and the Anaconda Choke is that the arm-triangle is applied on opposite sides. With the Anaconda Choke the arm-triangle is applied at the armpit of the opponent, whereas with the Darce Choke the arm-triangle is applied at the neck of the opponent.

Lower Lapel Darce Choke Variation:

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